Shrimpy’s Childcare

Ofsted Registered Childminder: 

Tracy Davies

Telephone: 07903 723422


Shrimpy’s Childcare

Ofsted Registered Childminder: Tracy Davies

Telephone: ?????


Our Setting

There is a large garden where the children can play, have picnics, grow flowers and vegetables, build bug boxes, do pond dipping or paint. We enjoy harvesting the potatoes, onions and tomatoes that the children have grown and the children especially love to help with the fruit picking. Activities in the main garden are supervised to ensure that the children are always safe, they are encouraged to use and enjoy the garden whatever the weather so waterproofs are essential!

There is also a lovely enclosed area where younger children can feel safe and free to explore the sand pit and mud kitchen.  

Inside there is a large playroom with wooden toys, dolls house, train tracks, rocking horse, chalk board, play kitchen, dressing up box and lots more. 

The children enjoy helping with the baking or are busy with craft activities. 

There is also a quiet room downstairs where babies and toddlers can have a nap. Sometimes children can be tired after a hard day at school and just want to relax and chat or sit quietly and read. If older children have homework then I am very happy to help with this.

As a general rule we don’t watch any TV, however on a Friday afternoon if the children are tired or it is raining heavily we will sometimes choose a nice film to watch.

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